Oddly enough, Sooner fans enjoy the ‘stache when it isn’t sucking against BYU.

Landry Jones, Oklahoma backup quarterback and owner of one of the more ridiculous mustaches in college football, has seen his fortunes change quite a bit in the past few weeks.

When the backup quarterback was thrust into the game against BYU when Heisman winner Sam Bradford went down with a shoulder injury, he looked lost at sea, taking the Sooners title hopes with him. But when the redshirt freshman lights up Tulsa for six touchdown passes, he’s celebrated as a folk hero.

Now word comes from the Oklahoman that Jones has already started a cult following, mainly centered around his tremendous facial hair. The hubbub has gotten so out of control for Jones’ mustache, that even the American Mustache Institute has gotten involved.

The 44-year-old mustache advocacy group based out of St. Louis is a big supporter of Jones and his mustache.

“We’ve been paying attention to Landry,” said Aaron Perlut, chairman of the Institute. “We love it. Unfortunately, when he first entered the game, there was a lot of criticism the following week about his mustache. We find that very disappointing.

“That’s the life of downtrodden, mustache-wearing Americans.”

Perlut pointed out Jones’ style of mustache is a “Chevron,” worn wide and long to cover the top border of the upper lip.

“We are inspired by Landry and appreciate everything that he’s doing,” Perlut said. “He is a shining beacon of freedom for all the young people out there who wear mustaches.”

I’m not sure what’s funnier: The fact that Sooner fans are already talking themselves into the quarterback that single-handedly sunk their title hopes, or this trio of fun facts 1) there’s an American Mustache institute, 2) The style of Jones’ mustache is known as a “Chevron,” or 3) Jones was called a “shining beacon of freedom.”

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