Congratulations, Chicago. This is your guy.

CutlerAll we’re missing is a popped collar…

Not only did he whine and pout and not answer the phone calls of the guy that was paying him millions of dollars, he also acted like his feelings were so hurt that his coach was actually considering trading him, that he forced his way out of town… and into your hands.

Nothing says fearless leader like an unbuttoned knit sweater jacket and a $30,000 Rolex. Nothing says Chicago tough guy quarterback like a Simon Cowell black t-shirt and a smug grin as you keep reminding us how sweet your Rolex is.

Cutler SimonSimon Cowell called, he wants his shirt back.

Here’s how you know your quarterback is trying to hard. Tom Brady, when he gets dressed up and paraded around like a man toy, he’s doing it with his supermodel wife and doing it for Annie Lebowitz and Vanity Fair magazine. Even Mark Sanchez made a fool of himself in a respected magazine with a fashion model he started dating after the shoot. Jay Cutler’s doing this stuff for Michigan Avenue Magazine. His photos are right next to Midwest Eye-Banks 11th Annual Gift of Sight Gala.

Congratulations Jay Cutler… You are a world-class tool.

OrangeCutlerI can only hope Jared Allen is coming from to blindside him right now…

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  1. D-Bag photos or not, if he can win the NFC North this year I’m all good with the tool box photo spread.

    The guy went to Vandy. What can you expect fashion-wise?

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