…Why didn’t Florida get any peace of mind?

After reading just about every article on Meyer and his contract extension, one small blip seemed to stand out. This from Pete Fiutak:

The buyout on Meyer’s new contract at Florida is just $500,000. Now, in the real world — especially in an economy that has the University of Florida cutting and slashing its budget left and right, chopping off over $40 million this year alone — a half a million isn’t anything to sneeze at. But in the silly world of big-time athletics — especially at a place like Notre Dame — $500,000 to bring in a coach with Meyer’s stature and résumé is a pittance.

I’ve got to believe there was some serious hardball being played behind closed doors between Meyer and his reps and the brass at Florida. Meyer’s stock can has to be considered at its apex, and to me is the biggest reason why I think he probably held the UF adminstration over the coals and got the $4 million per year without having a gigantic buyout number built into the contract.

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, Urban Meyer will prove to me that he’s the incredible coach many think he is when he wins without Tim Tebow. Tebow was the best thing that could’ve happened to a coach when it comes to red zone offense, 3rd and short, and executing an offense that hasn’t been able to get a running back on track and has done nothing but ruin college wide receivers NFL stock. (Not to mention, QBs as well…)