ept_sports_ncaaf_experts-384792045-1234816539Mean mugging in Mug Shots. Just because, that’s why…

Southern Miss tailback Damion Fletcher got himself in a bit of trouble this winter, when he decided to shoot off a handgun round or two white smoking doobies on a random Sunday night in February. The results were some very serious charges for the schools all-time leading rusher.

In New York City, Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress plugged himself in the thigh with a handgun and has Mayor Michael Bloomberg breathing down his neck and his lawyers trying to figure a way out of the mandatory felony and jail time. But in Southern Mississippi, it means a couple months of probation, and missing exactly zero games because of his ridiculous terrible decision.

That’s because today, Southern Miss head coach Larry Fedora lifted the “suspension” of his star tailback.

211-20090716-233057-pic-364531233.embedded.prod_affiliate.77Gun shots and weed can’t get me down either…

“He has been reinstated,” Fedora told the Biloxi Sun Herald. “He has done everything that I asked of him. Damion could not have been more humble and sorry for what he did. He made a mistake and he is anxious to over come the mistake and get back in good grace with his teammates. He is in good grace with the coaches. I’m impressed with the way he handled this and we are ready to move forward.”

I think the NCAA and major conferences need to put together some type of legislation or guidelines for suspensions. Notre Dame has had to kick two tight ends out of school, one for having a .001 blood-alcohol while not driving, and the other for something that was so mickey mouse, nobody wants to talk about it. Yet certain schools will do just about anything they can do to let a guy play, especially if he’s ran for 4,287 yards in the last three seasons.

If any Florida USC Tennessee Teams below the Mason-Dixon line SEC college football fans are worried, we could tailor it by conference, so a weapons charge in the SEC would be the same as skipping class in the Ivy Leagues. Or getting your parents a free two years rent in Southern California would be the same as dropping an F bomb at Vanderbilt.

(Top image courtesy of Dr. Saturday… even if he didn’t source us for having the ND-Yankee Stadium Scoop.)

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  1. Hey RTGD, way to bring up Notre Dame in every single article you ever write even when it doesn’t have to do with anything. Where did you go to college again?


  2. CollegefbFan,
    Thanks for reading. The ND stuff was necessary because I actually had a scoop. Fear not, this isn’t a ND blog. You don’t have a problem with a guy firing off handguns and smoking doobies not getting suspended for a second? Not too fair when some schools have very different disciplinary protocols.

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