Tidbits before shoving off

Lost in the shuffle this week is the actual game that we’re going to see. It’s going to be awesome (or at least I hope it will be awesome, because if we’re at the game, it’s basically going to mean a Florida victory by thirty and Phil and me kicking ourselves that we just got bent over on a ticket that was worthless by halftime). But that’s no way to go into the SEC Championship, and Nick Saban doesn’t lay ten points to anyone.

It also got me thinking, what coach is more hated: Urban Meyer or Nick Saban?
I’ve got to think that the state of Georgia hates Urban more than they hate Saban, but the state of Louisiana hates Saban more than they hate Urban, although I’m guessing that they wouldn’t waste a bucket of water on either of them if they were on fire. Other mortal enemies include Miami Dolphin fans for Saban, Notre Dame fans for Meyer, and practically the entire Southeast for both of them. When it comes to brash and confident coaches, these two are at the top of the list, and for the most part, for very good reason.

I have yet to unveil my pick just yet for the big game, but a big factor will probably be the health of Percy Harvin. When we went to Gainesville in the first week of our adventure, we spoke with Head Strength Coach Mickey Marrotti about Harvin, who Marrotti raved was a physical freak of nature. While people think about how electric he is with the ball, they’d probably never guess that the dude is absolutely a beast in the weightroom, benching 400 pounds, which is double his body weight. (This morning at the gym I was throwing around like 85-90% of my body weight… it was awesome.)

We are shoving off from Manhattan Beach today, and because we are being honest to our readers, we have to admit that we’re flying to the game. One reason for this is that it’s 2,200 miles each way, and I was going to have a severe panic attack if I had to drive across the state of Texas two more times. But the biggest reason for the flights is Avis, who is absolutely trying to screw us on the RTGDmobile. While I was quick to praise the virtues of the Avis at the Doubletree in Scottsdale, Arizona, I can no longer do so, mostly because our buddy who was in charge/owned that branch location is no longer with the company. Imagine our surprise when we get a call from the Avis Security team asking us to go into the branch and resign our contract, and then trying to get ahold of your buddy who you made the deal with only to find out they axed him. Don’t fear for our buddy though, he’s already being wined and dined with bigtime job offers, and also got out of a company that lost a billion dollars last quarter. (Whoops!) After about 15 phone calls to people who tried to give us the run-around yesterday, we finally got them to almost honor the contract that we signed, and we dropped the trusty Saturn Vue off at an Avis location in Redondo Beach. There were no tearful goodbyes, but needless to say that car will remember the miles that we put on her. If you rent a gray Saturn Vue with Arizona plates and about 31,000 miles on it any time soon, and the car has a little bit of wear and tear on it, consider us your Sean Avery.

I want to give a big shout out to our new buddy Mike Rothstein who covers the Fighting Irish over at The Journal Gazette in Fort Wayne and runs their blog there called Irish Insights. You gotta feel for a guy who suddenly has the story of the year start breaking on Thanksgiving weekend, when he’s probably finally getting out of Fort Wayne and back to home, wherever that might be. He’s a good guy to read, with solid coverage of all things Irish, and seems to be one of a couple guys covering the Irish beat that doesn’t have an agenda. Check his stuff out.

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  1. so you guys are taking a plane to the game now?

    whats next, press box seats?!

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