Road to Game Day Exclusive: Cody Hawkins Interview

Cody Hawkins is a cool dude. Cool enough to invite us over to his place, where he was between classes and meetings, and trying to sneak in a quick lunch while sitting down with us for a hard-hitting interview. We sat down with him for 45 minutes at his house which is literally a fade route away from the CU campus. While there wasn’t enough room for us to get some coaching on throwing the deep ball without getting taken out by traffic, Cody was good enough to sit through a rambling, semi-coherent interview with Team RTGD — highlighted by his almost night out on the town with Miss Erin Andrews. Here is the best of the exchange we had Thursday afternoon with Cody Hawkins.

The official “almost same height” QB of RTGD

RTGD: What was the experience like coming out of the bullpen and rallying the team last week against Iowa State? Obviously you don’t learn much in 30 minutes on the bench, but do you feel like watching
for a half might have helped?

Cody Hawkins: I don’t know if it necessarily helped me out, but when I went in after half, I didn’t feel like I needed to sit down to get the feeling, but I got this drive inside to make something happen – you know, the fire going in your belly and I really wanted to come out and try to hit on all cylinders. I don’t know if it’s like that in all games, but this game (Iowa State) specifically, we were a little flat that first half. I just needed to be a fiery leader to get the whole thing going.

RTGD: You can’t draw up a second half or a come from behind win like that. Did that just about settle the quarterback controversy?

CH: They came to me on Sunday, and they told me in was my show now. At this stage now, I’m used to the guys, used to the system, and dealing with adversity and the success and struggles. There aren’t a whole lot of highs and a whole lot of lows now, I just keep going, and talking to everybody, and we’re just going to keep this thing rolling along.

RTGD: We both grew up playing for our dads, as do a lot of kids. You never did that, and only now are you playing for him. I know everybody inevitably asks a question like this, but what has it been like?

CH: He does an awesome job being a player’s coach, and I’ve seen him treat a lot of guys like he’s their father. Seeing him do that in the past and seeing him help people through some of their own challenges is really impressive. I’ve been around him for a long time and being a part of the programs, and going to meeting and practices in high school, I knew what to expect. I also know I have to be a hard worker and a good player. Just like in a business, if you want to make a name, you’ve got to show everyone else your going to work harder than other people, be smarter than other people, and be fully committed to the team, instead of him just being my dad.

RTGD: When did you know you were going to have a chance to play college football?

CH: After my sophomore year, I went to a bunch of camps, and saw myself and compared myself against other kids around the country. I realized, ‘hey, I can do this.’ I just started sending my tapes to a bunch of school, any time you have a chance to meet someone you meet someone, and I always made sure I got seen at the combines. You can’t talk to these coaches, but you can run into them.

RTGD: We heard a story that you had two letters of intent signed before you finally decided to go to Colorado. What was that decision like?

CH: I was talking to a bunch of schools and actually thought I was going to go to Oregon – I have family there, my sister was there. I never wanted to play against my dad, so I decided, I won’t play in the WAC. Then Oregon signs up to play Boise State. So then I was like ‘great, I’m going to play him for three years? I thought about Utah, BYU, Wisconsin, and a few others. But I just decided to commit to Boise in June my junior year. I would sign autographs “Go Broncos” and even wore the blue and orange wrists bands around… it was pretty cool. (He was kidding.) When my dad actually left – he had been offered jobs a bunch of places, and we’d had this talk a hundred times without it happening. But when he came back from Colorado, I asked him what he thought, and he said, “I’m thinking…” I was like, whoa, so I asked him 1-10, what did he think about it. He said it was like an 8.5. I was expecting like a 3.5. So I said, “should I pack now or later?” It put me in an interesting spot, it was really late in the recruiting game, and I had to decide whether I wanted to stay in Boise or go here to Colorado. I knew Coach Peterson, and he helped me develop as a player a lot more than my dad did actually. But in the end, I wanted to come here.

RTGD: How well do you know the offense here? You grew up around your dad’s offense, but what offense are you guys running now?

CH: We’re playing a combo of Cal, ASU, and Boise from a couple of years ago. I knew a lot about the offense, I knew what “Treo Right” was, and “Trey Left Slot” was, and you could say a concept and I could tell you what was going on, but back then I wouldn’t be able to tell you that your going seven steps to the post, three inside, set at a 45 degree angle, and if they play cover 2 turn it into a bend, and an 0 blitz you gotta run a slant… I couldn’t have told you that. (RTGD shakes its head, realizing we have to transcribe that and hopefully get it right. Most likely I didn’t… sorry)

RTGD: Talk about your dad’s famous rant. “It ain’t Intramurals, Brother!“

CH: We get a lot of laughs about it, but he’s such an energetic guy in general, and if you were there like I was, you’d know that he was laughing when he said it. So many people ask me to talk about it, and if you know me, you’ll know that I’m on him all the time. If we’re doing something, or if something gets tough, I’ll just say to him, “you know, it’s not intramurals, Dad…” I’ve done impressions, I did it one on College Football Live on ESPN, but now I’ve put it to rest.

RTGD: So I take it, you won’t be doing it for us?

CH: Correct.

RTGD: Your favorite place that you’ve watched a game as a fan?

CH: I thought Georgia was pretty cool to watch a game., We were down there in my redshirt year, and that was pretty cool. We’ve been lucky to play a bunch of huge teams these past few years. We looked at the top 15 last week, and there are only three teams that we haven’t played since I’ve been here.

RTGD: Let’s talk about schedules. What’s your take on the “BCS Busters?” As someone that’s come from Boise State, you might have a good opinion on what to do with these teams. Do you really an undefeated Utah team is better qualified for a BCS bowl than a two loss team from the SEC or Big 12? They’ve only beaten a crappy Michigan team and Oregon State.

CH: Those guys deserve a a opportunity because there isn’t a lot you can do but win all your games. if you require that teams play tougher schedules that’s one thing, but its not Utah’s fault that Michigan stinks this year, and when you put Michigan on the schedle, you aren’t expecting this kind of season. There are a lot of teams like Boise and Utah, they’ve proved themselves. Boise beat Oregon, Utah beat Michigan at the Big House and Oregon State. They have a better argument than Ball State and some of those Mac Teams. But I definitely think that, without a doubt, that I’d have two 1 loss BCS schools in the National Championship before we get an undefeated Non-BCS school.

RTGD: What’s been your favorite playing memory?

CH: Beating Oklahoma was cool. Being able to throw the ball to my three best friends on that last drive was something special. But, my 3rd game of my freshman year was the best. It was one of the first time I’m taking a snap under center, it was a sold out crowd, a “Black Out” game on national TV, and the first game I walked out and saw all the extra lights, the ESPN truck in the corner at Folsom Field, and when you break the huddle and see everybody in black, you can’t hear anything, and all you see guys across from you are 6′8″ guys looking like genetic freaks with that Seminole helmet on. I was just like “This is it.” I couldn’t be like, “wow,” but I felt like I could’ve just taken a delay of game, and soaked it in. For a kid like me, it was awesome to just get out there, and compete against a team that was a great program, and a team that I really loved as a kid.

RTGD: Take yourself out of the equation. Who is the best QB in the Big 12?

CH: Tough call… but I’d have to go with Colt McCoy. I think he does so much stuff. It could be a toss up between Chase and Colt, because they’re both awesome. I know Sam Bradford has freaks left and right, they run the ball great, and they’ve got a great defense. Chase has Maclin and Coffman, and Chase definitely makes that offense go, but I just think Colt is just such a complete QB, without the stars that the other guys have.

RTGD: Talk about your role in reality TV. Talk about Summer House.

CH: Worst experience ever… (Laughing, semi-kidding) I thought it was hilarious when they asked me about it. I thought it was a joke. I’d never been to Chicago before, so that was cool. I had never heard of it, but now it’s like a real TV show. So many people were running around everywhere, and it totally changes your perception of reality TV. Yeah they don’t fix events, but they have you get out of the van like 9 times so they can get the shot, and it’s pretty ridiculous. We couldn’t call any of our friends, unless we wanted to “vent” about it on their phones. But it was cool. If you wanted food, they just went to the store and got it for you. And it was only 9 days. I’ve stayed close with guys like Taylor Potts, and hung out on spring break with Jared Fayson when he was down in Florida before he transferred to Illinois. It was cool, but there’s so much of the stuff that was just so cheesy and funny. It was a sweet experience though, and I got to do a half time dance at a WNBA game… which I dominated.

RTGD: Best cheerleaders or women of the Big 12?

CH: I’d heard legends about the Okie State girls, and on TV they’ve been holding strong. Kansas is actually pretty good. Texas is good, but those girls have the funny outfits, like they can’t just wear the regular cheerleader gear. I’d say probably Oklahoma, Kansas, of the places that I’ve actually seen, but from watching TV, Oklahoma State looks pretty good on TV.

RTGD: Any personal contact with Erin Andrews? Any good stories?

Cody gave us his blessing…

CH: (Laughing immediately) I’ve talked to her a bunch, and I would’ve gone and talked with her more, if Fowler would’ve let me! She wanted to know where a good place to get a drink was, and even invited me to come with her, but I was like, “You don’t understand, I… can’t.” She was like, “Come on, wheres a good place to get a drink, come on out…” I just said, “I’m not a bar hopper,” and she said, “You’re a QB, I know you know this stuff, where can I get some good tequila?” Fowler was just rolling his eyes, laughing, saying get over here, you can’t talk to her.” Anybody else would’ve been in, but Folwer is a CU guy and we’re like buddies, so he shut that down pretty quickly.”

RTGD: Are you saying that you got c-blocked by Chris Fowler?

Handcuffs on Cody. Not cool.

CH: (Laughing) I’m not touching that one.

RTGD: Well, we’re going with it.

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